Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Shelter from the Storm, Volume IV of the Jayson Wolfe Story

Shelter from the Storm, Volume IV of the Jayson Wolfe Story

Continuing my saga of book cover comments, I must say that I don’t DISlike this cover, but I have a problem with the way the guy on here (even from behind) doesn’t look ANYTHING like the guy on the first book cover. So, this one just can’t be Jayson Wolfe. All there is too it. Oh, well. I hear the story’s good, and you know what they say . . . you can’t judge a book by its cover. Unfortunately, some people do.

After the three-parter that you’ve just read about, I wanted to write a sequel, a fourth volume, that dealt with some of Jayson’s struggles in settling into Mormondom and continuing to use his gifts. When I started writing it, of course, it was too big for one book, so that made this sequel a two-parter; five volumes all together. Very confusing, I know. Just read all five and don’t try to figure it out.

Last week I promised more about the music that came out of my head. It’s the weirdest thing. I’m no lyricist, and I certainly don’t write songs. But when I was writing about Jayson Wolfe, lyrics would just sail through me. Unless otherwise specified, all of the lyrics were written by . . . well, by Jayson Wolfe. No kidding. I think my very favorite, however, is “The Heart of Mozart.” In the story, when Jayson says that he wrote the lyrics in about twenty minutes, that was true. The lyrics came to me in two segments, totaling about twenty minutes. So amazing! And I love that song! I can hear it in my head. Wish I could share that part.

Some of you noticed that earlier in the series I made mention of crediting some song lyrics to my son and his friend, Sam. That music isn’t available to hear, but it certainly inspired me. My oldest son was always fascinated with music and he was sixteen when he hooked up with a guy who worked at the same grocery store, and my second son, who was pretty good on the drums. They were practicing out in the garage all the time, and we had no air conditioning, so the windows of the house were all open, and I was trying to write while this music was playing all day through the summer. Our neighbors were very kind and patient. And then one day, lo and behold, it actually sounded like music. They performed at a few local places, and put together a CD, and then nothing really ever came of it. Except of course, the great inspiration I got from my own sons. They didn’t follow the path of becoming professional musicians, but they all love music. And they turned out to be pretty great guys.

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