Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Silence of Snow, Volume V of the Jayson Wolfe Story

The Silence of Snow, Volume V of the Jayson Wolfe Story

Featured song: “Bennie and the Jets,” by Elton John.

Okay, about the cover. I really do NOT like this one. Can’t say why exactly; I just don’t. It seems a little cheesy to me. But that’s just me. The title, however, I really DO like. We had a little question over whether it would be kept, and I had to fight for it a bit, but I won. And I love the contrast from the first title of the series: “The Sound of Rain” and “The Silence of Snow.”

Two things I want to share with you about this book. First of all, it’s about the conflict. Sister Freedman and her horrid treatment of Jayson is actually something that I took metaphorically out of my own life. I’ve never had anyone I’ve known personally be unkind and critical about my less-than-conventional creative gifts. However, I have received some really nasty hate mail, and there have been some people in the LDS publishing industry that have given me a lot of grief. Sister Freedman is kind of a conglomeration of all those nasty things.

The second thing is the fact that I put Celiac Disease in this book, which I was diagnosed with in 2008. Initially, I wasn’t going to use my own illness, but as I wrote it just felt right. I’ve had some readers write to tell me that this has been very validating, and even a couple that said through reading the book they were able to make the diagnosis. That makes it all worth it for me.

In regard to the featured song, as you know I used a lot of Elton John early in the story, and Jayson LOVES Elton John. I was working on this last volume, and heard this song on the radio. In my head I could clearly see Jayson playing it, and being kind of funny as he did. It ended up making a great ending to the whole story.

That’s all I have to say about Jayson Wolfe. I’m glad his story is in print, and I look forward to reading it again someday when some time has passed. What an amazing guy!

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