Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Tranquil Light, Volume IV of the Dickens Inn Series

Tranquil Light, Volume IV of the Dickens Inn Series

Featured Song: “Hear You Me” by Jimmy Eat World

I started listening to this song because my son can play it on the guitar, and while he was on his mission I loved listening and remembering him singing it to me. When he got married I shared my special dance with the groom to this song. The song started stirring into my idea for this book in thinking of how Jackson might deal with the death of someone who had once been a big part of his life. And of course, I love ANY reference to angels!

In this book, Jackson faces a new level of his past and the associated inner demons. I’ve found I often do that with characters who have a lot of baggage; each volume brings a new level of healing, which is how it often is (or should be) in our own lives. We should each continue to strive to grow beyond our weaknesses and become better people. We all have many layers inside of the way life has affected us.

The issue going on with Jackson facing up to his past is integrated into the other main aspect of the plot of this book. When I first got the idea of writing about the bed and breakfast scenario, I wanted to have a group of friends come there and stay and explore the topic of friendship and how women with different personalities and situations in their lives interact and strengthen each other. I have a good friend who still regularly connects with a group of friends from the fifth grade. They’re all very different, but they’ve found a way to connect that’s quite remarkable, and I was fascinated with that. I enjoyed exploring friendship in this book, and how differences can be turned into something positive as women genuinely strive to help and lift each other. I believe that women have the need for that kind of friendship more than men, and maybe that’s why God created Relief Society. I’ll conclude by saying that if you don’t have at least one GOOD friend in your life, then start praying for God to send you one. There might be someone out there who needs YOUR friendship. It’s a great blessing.

Oh, and it’s worth noting that Charles Dickens said, "The pleasure of a generous friendship is the steadiest joy in the world."

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