Wednesday, May 6, 2015

When Hearts Meet

When Hearts Meet

When it comes to historical fiction, I’ve always had a fascination with people falling in love who come from completely different backgrounds, or depending on the cultural situations, opposing class distinctions. I explored this theme heavily in the Buchanan Saga. Because the characters in this story are Americans, the issue wasn’t the social differences that existed between different classes in Europe; instead the difference was mostly education and upbringing.

I remember when writing the prequel to this book, having a moment where I thought about the man who had lived in the house before, and the tragic losses in his life. The idea of his returning intrigued me and seemed to be the perfect fodder for a sequel. The cliched concept of “two worlds colliding” worked out well with the appearance of Jonathon’s sister from Boston. As Ethan and Sara overcome their differences, there are some great messages about prejudice and compassion. For me, Ethan was a very compelling hero, utterly masculine yet so humble and endearing. I have a true soft spot in my heart for him.

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