Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Passage on the Titanic

Passage on the Titanic

A strange series of events led to my writing this book, and it has been an amazing—and often difficult—experience. Immersing myself in hours of documentaries, movies, and much reading (I love Google!) about this event, has often been somewhat traumatic and emotional. It was a terrible, terrible thing that happened! And getting close to it can be painful. However . . . there are aspects of the story that shine with great elements of the human experience, and an illustration of how we can find messages that can be applied to our own lives in a positive way.

The seed of inspiration for me came from a woman named Irene Colvin Corbett, who died on the Titanic. As far as I know, she was the only Mormon on board. She was a niece by marriage to Joseph F. Smith, and a remarkable woman. She left a husband and three children to go to London for six months and learn to be a midwife. She was on her way home when she died. I have mixed her story into the lives of some fictional characters, revolving around this horrific historical event. In some ways, Titanic is the 9-11 of its day. We, as adults, have lived through a tragedy that changed our culture and makes us look at life differently. That’s how Titanic affected people in 1912. The Centennial of the sinking coincided with the timing of this project. It’s my hope that my readers will find this a fulfilling tale that is educational, but mostly inspirational.

The sinking of the Titanic is so enormous (as the name implies) that I can barely touch on all the facts and its impact on humanity. I’m barely showing the tip of the iceberg (pun intended) in trying to tell a story that illustrates how it affected the survivors and the rescuers. I have purposely woven the romantic element of the book into this principle. The heroine is a survivor, and the hero is a rescuer. As they work together to cope and overcome, we can see through their eyes what it might have been like in some small way. And of course, as with all of my stories, the bottom-line message is that there’s only one way to find true peace, and if you read my books you know what that is.

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