Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Dance to Remember

A Dance to Remember

The main focus of this book is conquering severe depression. Of course, with all of my stories, it’s laced into a plot with characters who can make it come to life. But the principles in this book can be applied to many people with many varying degrees of depression, and the people who love them. Being in one situation is likely as challenging as being in the other. It’s a reality that affects more people than we realize, and I hoped to shed some light and perspective on it.

Through many years of researching psychology for both personal and creative reasons, I’d learned the concept of how our minds are a place where messages are written through our lives, and sometimes those messages are false, but it’s difficult to erase them and write new messages, or beliefs about ourselves. When I got the idea to incorporate this principle into this book, I felt excited with a way to share it, and it’s been my hope that perhaps just a few readers might have applied it in their lives, if only in theory. I’ve dubbed it the whiteboard theory, and I would love to believe that it’s had a positive impact on some of my readers, as well as for Wade and Laura.

The addition to the story of Wade’s brother getting killed while on his mission in England was inspired by my feelings of gratitude when my own son transferred out of London twelve days before there was a terrorist attack in an area where he’d gotten on and off trains all the time. Having sent three sons on missions, it’s a poignant realization that some of them really don’t come home. It’s not been so long since missionaries tragically lost their lives while serving. It’s something that every loved one of a missionary has wondered over.

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